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  • Management Consultancy & Services

    What We Do

    Management Consultancy & Services

    Human Resources Management Consultancy

    • HR Department Set-up
    • HR Department Reformation, Restructuring
    • HR Auditing
    • Enhance Skills Training for HR Personnel
    • HR Department Manual
    • Employee Handbook
    • Recruitment and Selection for Talent Employees
    • Labour Law Practice

    Management Consultancy

    • Business Organization & Departments Set-up
    • Departments’ Manual
    • Office Management & Design
    • Competencies Enhancement Training & Development
    • Corporate Management Training

    Productivity Consultancy

    • Consultation for Labour Productivity
    • Consultation for Organization Productivity
    • Consultation for Office Productivity
    • Consultation for Total Factor Productivity

    Professional Productivity Training for MSME

    • Change Management
    • Time Management
    • Workplace management & ethic
    • Kaizen & 5S System

    MSME Set-up

    • Sustainable Entrepreneurship and MSME Set-up
    • Business Skills

    Sales Training Course

    •  Managing Sales Performance (Target Audience Level- Manager and Supervisory)
    • Managing the Sales Pipeline (Target Audience Level- Manager and Supervisory)
    • Sales Leadership (Target Audience Level- Manager and Supervisory)
    • Sales Training Techniques and Ideas (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)
    • Professional Sales Training (Selling Skills) (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)
    • The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)
    • Relationship Sales: RAIN Selling: Foundation of Consultative Selling (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)
    • Winning with Relationship Selling (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)
    • Sale Supervisory Skills (Target Audience Level- Supervisory)
    • Inside Sales Training (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)
    • B2B Sale (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)
    • Customer Relationship Management (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)
    • Customer Service Management (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)

    Marketing Management Course (Target Audience Level- Sales Department)

    • Why is Marketing Management important?
    • Customer Behavior
    • Segmentation
    • Targeting
    • Positioning
    • Products
    • Goods and Services
    • Brands
    • New Products
    • Pricing
    • Channels of Distribution and Logistics
    • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC):
    • The advertising message
    • IMC: Media Choices
    • Social Media
    • Customer Relationships

    Supply Chain Management Course (Target Audience Level- Manager and Supervisory)

    • Supply chain strategy: achieving strategic fit (Zara, Dell); dual sourcing; network design
    • Supply chain risk sharing contracts
    • Supply chain risk pooling: centralization, postponement, Omni channel
    • Supply chain risk hedging
    • Supply chain coordination: sales & operations planning (S&OP)
    • Supply chain coordination: bullwhip effect
    • Global supply chain

    Corporate Trainings and Services

    • A Practical Approach to Business Research
    • Service Management
    • The 17 Skills for Leader / Manager
    • Executive Coaching Service
    • Systemization (System Set-up) Service
    • Finance & Accounting Services