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    Who We Are

    SEED Environmental Co., Ltd.

    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process aiming at harmonizing development activities with the environment. EIA involves predicting and evaluating the likely impacts of a development project on the environment and society, during the preparation, construction, operation and decommissioning stages.

    The EIA system is one way to fulfill Section 45 and 390 of the Constitution of Myanmar, which requires that the State is to protect and conserve natural environment, and to assist environmental conservation as well.

    Our Teams

    Principal Consultant
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    Key Consultant
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    Associated Consultant
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    Survey Team
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    Company’s Mission & Vision


    Our mission is to conserve environmental and social factors by

    • Examining the environmental aspects of related projects for the assessment of environmental impacts
    • Analyzing and researching environmental damages and biodiversity, habitat, and ecological processes
    • Facilitating sustainable development in achieving the client’s vision and quality values, as well as mitigating critical challenges
    • Preventing unnecessary pollution and produce only for those essential for protecting the environment in ensuring the enforcement of environmental law, progressive policymaking, and changes.


    “A future where Myanmar’s environmental aspects and impacts are protected, valued, and appreciated in international performance standards”